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Why should we have a wedding video?

Only video will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened-to see you walk down the aisle, to hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, to hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception, and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. This wasn't possible in the past.

Of course, you have only one chance to be sure your wedding day is professionally captured. Just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love and laughter are preserved for you to share again and again. That’s why Welsh Media Productions is the premier choice for wedding videos. We will invite your participation and input in the creation and design of your digital video, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the final product. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why should we pay for a professional video when our Uncle has offered to film it with his camcorder?

There are many things that relatives could provide for your wedding day, but with all due respect, it does not mean that they will necessarily do a good job of them. Home movies are a world apart from professional wedding videos. Our cameramen have many years of experience in capturing wedding day memories. We have heard so many horror stories about relatives running out of batteries at crucial moments, not having enough tape and so on, surely it is just not worth the risk. Besides, "Uncle Joe" is a guest at your wedding and surely he should be free to enjoy your day.

Let us emphasize this crucial point. One of the biggest regrets that couples experience after their wedding is the decision not to have professional video. Over and over again we hear comments from couples who did not have a professional wedding video and they are devastated when they realized that all they have as a memory is the poor quality, shaky home movie from “Uncle Joe.” Please don’t leave this important decision to chance with your own wedding video, hire the professionals.

Of course we don’t mind if you have others doing their own taping as long as they allow us the freedom of movement needed to do our job as best we can.

We are having still photographs taken, do we really need video as well?

Still photography will capture highlights and moments, but only video enables you to relive the entire range of emotions that you felt during your wedding day. As the years go by, only video will allow you to recreate the sights and sounds of your special day in glorious detail.

Do you use fully digital equipment?

Yes, in fact we shoot everything in digital format. We film and edit everything on professional digital equipment, and the quality shows!

Will our wedding be available on DVD?

Yes, of course. DVD is a much higher quality format than VHS, and it will last longer too. Whilst most companies charge a substantial premium for this service, we include it in all our packages as standard. Be sure to check this when making comparisons!

Can I choose the background music for our video?

We are more than happy to accept your choices of any songs that have special meaning to you.

I’m concerned the cameramen might get in the way.

Don’t worry. We appreciate this is your special day. The last thing we want to do is make you and your guests feel any way uncomfortable. We are experts at being discrete, in fact you will hardly notice us during the day, and that’s how it should be. We document the events rather than directing them. Many couples have commented on how much they appreciated this.

How long will the completed video run for?

Our philosophy is to work on the basis of quality, rather than quantity. As each wedding is different, it is impossible to provide an exact length of the final film. As a guide, expect about 60 to 90 minutes, sometimes more. Remember, we will capture and edit the entire day in a way that will hold your interest throughout. With a sensible length production, it is easier to show repeatedly to friends and family.

When will the finished video be delivered to us?

We know you will be keen to see the completed video, but it is a complex and lengthy process to produce the finished film. The editing is where the magic really happens to create your special film and we like to spend the necessary time in getting it right. We aim to deliver your video within six weeks of the wedding.

Can we be involved in the editing?

Your wedding will take approximately ten business days to edit, so obviously it is just not practical for you to be involved on a day to day basis. However, we invite your input before the edit so that we can ensure that we reflect any specific requirements or needs.

Can we see examples of your work?

Yes, of course. There are some samples on this website, and we will be happy to send you a DVD of our work too.   Please use the contact page to submit the details of your event. If we are not already booked for that date we will send you a full information package which includes samples of our work.

Can I have all the original footage afterwards?

Yes of course you can, we just ask for a small additional fee for this service. However, please bear in mind that the editing process is designed to highlight all the best aspects of the recorded footage and by contrast you will be receiving raw, unedited footage.

Will your cameramen be professional in appearance?

Absolutely, rest assured that we will blend in with other guests. Our professional cameramen take great pride in presenting themselves with the utmost class, and if you have any special requests they will respect your wishes and happily comply with the dress code you desire.

How customized will our video be?

Your video will be completely unique, creatively produced for you! We are not a production line for wedding videos. Just as you are a unique couple, your wedding video will be uniquely created for you.

Do you require a deposit for your services?

Yes, a deposit of one-third of the total cost is required at the time of booking. The second one-third balance is required one week before the event. The final one-third balance is due at time of delivery of the finished product. The deposit is non-refundable.

I am nervous about cameras, can you reassure me?

You’re certainly not the first person to tell us this, so don’t worry. We are experts at being unobtrusive so you will hardly notice we are there. Remember, you are the star of the "show" and our job is to make you both look as good as possible so that you can be excited at reliving the day with your friends and family.

I believe that our ceremony location restricts video taping inside, is that a problem?

We acknowledge that ceremony locations are not T.V. studios and therefore it is not always possible to locate cameras in the ideal places. We will do our best to cooperate with these restrictions.

Will you attend the rehearsal?

Generally we do not attend rehearsals unless circumstances warrant. If you would like a record of your rehearsal, we have a service that fills this need.

Should we provide the cameramen with a meal?

Since we will be working long hours during your wedding day, it is very much appreciated when a meal is provided for the personnel involved in filming your wedding day. The alternative is for us to have to leave the reception at some point in order to eat, which we would rather not do. Bear in mind that there will likely be other professional service providers in attendance, such as a DJ and photographer, so it would be wise to notify your caterers of the total number of such personnel well in advance.

Can you interview some of our guests?

Absolutely! All we ask is that you notify us beforehand with the names of specific guests you would like us to interview.  Generally, it is not our custom to interview guests unless a specific request is made.

How early do we need to book your services?

Simply stated, the earlier the better, as dates fill up quickly and we only undertake one wedding on any given day. Bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is the DVD version of our video delivered?

We encode all of our DVD’s in NTSC, 30 frames per second, MPEG-2 format. The sound is high resolution Dolby 2 channel. These formats have proven to be an excellent balance of providing the highest quality possible with the most efficient cost to you.

I have family members that live overseas and I want to send them a copy of the DVD. Can I get my video in PAL version?

Yes of course. Just let us know in advance and we’ll produce the DVD in PAL.

Can you travel?

Although we are based in South Florida, we have traveled all over the state of Florida. From Key West north to Jacksonville. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your wedding in a different area of the country, or a destination wedding. We are happy to travel, subject to availability.

Why should we choose Welsh Media Productions?

We really want to film your wedding, we love what we do! We want to provide you with the best possible memory of your special day, and so far we have not disappointed any of our customers. We use the highest quality equipment in the business and our creative approach is without compare.

This is your big day and you demand the best. We will meet with you to listen to your ideas, address your concerns, and as a result of careful planning we will customize a beautiful wedding video that's uniquely yours. All of this means that once you have committed to using us, the process will be easy, enjoyable and very rewarding. We will not get in the way, cause a disturbance or distract from the proceedings, and you will realize a video memory that will be the envy of your peers.

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